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How to make mesculine I Am Seeking For A Man

How to make mesculine
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Although SWIM came up with this tek on his own, there were contributing influences by House's resin extraction, dg's titration, and various postings. I like this method alot becuase the reagents are cheap, it is relatively easy, and doesnt take too long.

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Extracting pure mescaline from peyote or san pedro cactus from the book:

Mix well for 10 minutes. Mix occasionally.

Discard the pulp and reduce the volume of the combined strainings by boiling in an open pot. Add 30g citric acid or ml vinegar or 10ml glacial. Add 25 drops of the acid solution one drop at a time to the benzene extracts.

Kash's a/b mescaline extraction - dmt-nexus wiki

After the benzene has passed through the filter rinse the jug with ml of ether to salvage any crystals in the jug and pour the ether over the crystals in the fitler. If large volume mescaline extraction is being conducted it would be worthwhile to repeat this salvaging procedure several more times. To another glass container pour 40ml methanol HEET antifreeze remover and add 0.

The first is the quickest, makke requires ether, which is dangerious and often difficult to procure. Carefully remove the benzene layer, treat it again with acid, precipitate the crystals and siphoned benzene with the watery layer and repeat this again and again until no more crystals precipitate. Siphon off as much of the benzene as possible without disturbing the crystals on the bottom of the jug.

Repeat step atleast 4 times total. It is VERY easy with fresh diced cacti but also fine using cacti powder.

My personal recipe: extracting mescaline from legal cacti

Then let the crystals dry. Seperate layers, saving toluene and discarding aqueous. That said, let us begin. The entire process can be carried out in any mescjline in a matter of hours by following the instruction below and in the final stages one can verify Howw success of the procedure by actually watching the crystals of mescaline precipitate in the solution. Discard plant material after final time and reduce all the aqueous cacti extract to around ml.

If ether is not available or if you do not wish to use such a highly combustible substance, the precipate and residual benzene can be poured into a beaker. Neither peyote or mescaline are commonly available these days, but San Pedro cactus is tto legally avialble in most cactus stores. Tiny white needle like crystals will form around the bottom and sides of the beaker.

An easy mescaline tea recipe by zativo - zativo

Materials Required g cacti powder or 12in cutting maje. The paper must come in contact with the water layer as pH cannot be read from the nonpolar layer.

Add the fumaric methanol to the toluene and mix it alittle. Add a pinch of activated charcoal Norite and filter while still hot through 2 filter paper.

The beaker is then placed in a heat bath until all of the benzene has been evaporated. This is very technical.

Add plant material back to original go, cover with 2L H2O, and simmer for 1hr. On the average the yield is about 20 grams.

Best way to make mescaline tea

Allow to sit overnight to precipitate unwanted fine particles, but this is optional. Strain the liquids and save them.

Between the two layers will be a thin emulsion layer of mixed water and benzene. If these do not appear, shake the jug more vigorously for two or three minutes and let it settle for another 5 minutes.

Decant off the solvent carefully, leaving behind the cleaned crystals. Be certain that neither the water or emulsion layers get into the benezene layer when separating.

My personal recipe: extracting mescaline from legal cacti | rollitup

Very carefully decant by pouring off liquid and leaving behind white crystals. Nothing will be wasted. More mescaline can be salvaged from the water that has passed through the filter by boiling these liquids down to about 20 ml. Ma,e crystals settle, mix it alittle more and pour into a dish. Stainless Steel is the best bet.

If any of these layers do get into the benzene during the separation, pour everything back into the separator, let stand and repeat the separation more carefully. This repetition should obtain at leat 2 more grams of mescaline sulfate.

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